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Jan 8
2021: A Look Ahead

Category: Newsletters

It seems that there are two types of people as we flip the calendar to a new year—those who are eager to put 2020 behind them and those who are fibbing when they say they aren’t.  While the first week of the year makes clear that a January 1 wasn’t an automatic reset, we’re among…
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Dec 15
2020: A Year in Review

Category: Technology, Values

Amid All the Chaos, 2020 Offered Suprising Positives Typically, these types of year-end recaps feature a cheery look back at significant milestones and benchmarks in the industry. Seeing that “cheery” will seldom be an adjective associated with 2020, some may wonder why we didn’t entirely skip this piece.  But although 2020 was a trying time…
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Dec 8
The Benefits of a Positive Company Culture

Category: Values

Virtually everyone has experienced an environment where morale is low. Whether you experience it at the workplace, on an athletic team, at school or any other type of group, odds are you remember the experience very well—because it can be draining.  When culture turns sour, productivity becomes an uphill battle. In addition to trying to…
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Nov 17
Training IT Teams in Multifamily

Category: Management, Technology

The associates who comprise the IT team are among the most astute in your organization. But despite their tech-savvy skill set and problem-solving abilities—IT stands for information technology, after all—these teams are no different than others in that they require training to function at a high level.  While a high-functioning IT team often performs training…
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Nov 10
The Pricing Puzzle: Does your platform measure up?

Category: Marketing, Technology

Pricing can be an obscure concept. There is no absolute right or wrong rate, necessarily, but problems can arise if you’re too far off in either direction.  While many variables factor in as to how apartment communities arrive at their rates, 2020 has introduced another in the form of the pandemic. The effects have meant…
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Nov 6
Companies Being Excellent: Standout Performances in 2020

Category: Connect, Values

Be excellent to each other. It’s one of Entrata’s key values, and perhaps the most pertinent during the current climate.  “2020 has shown us so many examples of humans not being excellent,” said Chase Harrington, president and chief operating officer of Entrata. “But we’ve also seen some of the best in humanity.” Throughout the Entrata…
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Nov 5
Connect Keynote: Matthew McConaughey

Category: Connect

Renaissance Man Shares Stories, Insights, and Humor When daydreaming about the most interesting individual to have a conversation with, Matthew McConaughey comes to mind for many. The Academy Award-winning actor has a charming easiness about him, and his abundance of catchphrases transcend the most popular “alright, alright, alright.” Dave Bateman, chief executive officer for Entrata,…
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Nov 4
Connect Keynote: Carla Harris

Category: Connect

Wall Street Innovator Inspires Future Leaders A testament to Carla Harris’ leadership skills can be found in the simplest of concepts: Her passion is rooted in helping others.  The Vice Chairman, Managing Director and Senior Client Advisor at Morgan Stanley has a laundry list of accolades too lengthy to categorize, but the Harvard graduate has…
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Nov 3
Connect Keynote: Molly Fletcher

Category: Connect

An Experience-Driven Approach to Business Molly Fletcher spent nearly two decades as the only female sports agent representing professional athletes and coaches. In an industry where there are more agents than people to represent, and where she had no footsteps to follow, Fletcher’s success depended on her ability to create a differentiating experience for her…
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Oct 29
Predictive Machine Learning Algorithms Create Endless Possibilities

Category: Management, Residents, Technology

Imagine a world where a property management system not only accurately tracked rental payment data, but also analyzed it to predict which payments have the highest likelihood of returning. Actually, you don’t have to imagine. Thanks to advancements in predictive machine learning algorithms, this cutting-edge technology analyzes scores of data pertaining to payment history, timing…
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